Thursday, November 15, 2012


I've been called a lot of things. Some of them are nice. Some of them are, well - my mom might read this, so let's stop there. Along the way, I've probably been called cartoonish - and for all you that might have said this, I have good news. Turns out you were right!

The Kauffman Foundation made a Sketchbook video from one of my interviews with them, and published it earlier this week. Here's the press release and the video is embedded below.

Before this gets all self-promotional and weird let me make one point about Kauffman.  I don't know if I deserve this, but what Matt Pozel and Dominique Pahud created is humbling and, at the risk of getting too technical, it's super cool.

If nothing else, I want to give them heaps of credit - they cut up a few hours of me ranting on and on into a pretty neat cliff notes version of my verbal diarrhea (Related: Every single one of my friends is now trying to reach out to Matt and Dominique to figure out how productize the cliff-notes-inator for future conversations with me).

When they first approached me, they had already created the whole thing - they did all the work, animations, concepts, everything just from our video interviews. If you think the content/words are crap, that's my fault (and let me know in the comments below) - but the animation, video, concepts - that stuff is really amazing, way outside my skill set, and deserves tons of praise for it's amazing delivery of my rambling. And, they got the gap between my teeth correct, too.

It's another awesome output from the Kauffman Foundation, and one I'm proud to be associated with. If you have some time, I'd highly recommend you check out all the Sketchbook videos.