Sunday, October 23, 2005

Peter Forret's Web 2.0 Overview

For me, this is one of the best Web2.0 overview diagram. (with all due respect to Tim O'Rielly's meme diagram, which did get this all started). The single most important thing is the flow, and the realization of the differing categorizations of data sources, both trusted and non. The reason I liked this more than most of the Web2.0 diagrams is that it is the first to challenge my thinking and assumptions.

Specifically, look at the example sites of UserData - CraigsList and Wikipedia are both on the list. At first, I thought, "but wait, those are not user data" - and even went as far as to think there should be another source more clearly linked to "user" data. But I am wrong, and this is where Peter's diagram was inspiring.

Web 2.0 Participation and Information Model

Dion's Hinchcliffe's view of Web 2.0. I thought it was interesting, but not as good as Peter's, which I will post next and actually put some interesting comments behind. At least I hope they are interesting..

Saturday, October 22, 2005

More on Flock...

I've been reading as much about Flock as I've been using, and the popular opinion seems quite mixed. Interestingly enough, the world seems to have wanted something very revolutionary, rather than evolutionary, which is most interesting. Also, the opinions seem to be mostly from Firefox users. In fact, I'm not sure I can find a review by someone that actually uses IE as their primary browser. Well, that's probably not fair...I am sure the folks at Business Week probably had to convince several layers of IT managment to allow them to use something other than IE.
One of the more practical reviews I read was by Dion Hinchcliffe. His review had a more reasonable "I know this is based on Firefox". His ideas are quite good, and frankly the comments on actually would make it interesting to me. Tagging, grouping, and more importantly, suggesting are the parts of that encourage me to share and involve - I'm getting something back. The currency exchange is clear. I add to the collective, and I get back. I'm very willing to be more organized and share with my fellow man if I can leverage the collective intelligence.
If nothing else, Flock has inspired me to dig a little deeper into some technologies I couldn't/didn't value previously. That certainly is a point for Flock. I need to spend more time with this weekend.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


I really want to like Flock. So far, it's nice and all, but I have not felt some huge "I've got to dump what I'm using" feeling, like I did when I started using Mozilla/Firefox. Just needs more time; I doubt that I had the clarity I seem to remember about Firefox, either. The inline blogging is certainly nice, and I'll keep pushing on the new features, and see what pops up.

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We all have to have one, right? So this is mine. Finally decided to move over to Blogger...Flock made me do it.