Saturday, August 6, 2011

I have found the problem with our Debt Crisis...'s education.

Take a look at this screen shot from a recent CNN article about the United States getting "booted from the Triple-A debt club".

First, I don't believe this is an actual club. A club should have membership cards, or at least a cool logo for a t-shirt.

Second, I know we've already failed the math part of this test (what's a few trillion, anyway), but it appears we've also failed the geography part of the test as well. Dear lord.

This map can only be explained by one of the following:
  1. Sarah Palin really did have a plan. 
  2. Canada was still pissed about the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup, and took Alaska for their own while we slept.
  3. CNN's editors went through California public schools. (Hint: This is what happens when you slash education funding)

(PS, the screen shot is from CNN and is still live as of this posting. The Photoshop awesomeness is all my own)

Update: How Awesome - they updated and fixed the graphic 4 days later! I'm not saying that we (by we, I mean me and the 4 of you that read this) but let's just pretend this was our moment in the sun.