Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Packaging your Brand

Just got a package in the mail, and I was impressed at the packaging. It looked from the outside like they spraypainted their logo on the box, which might sound funny, but for a "hip" clothing brand, I thought this was a good idea. Definatley was brand-friendly for what they are trying to convey. In fact, I wondered how they made such a realistic spray-paint/stencil look.

If you are wondering what I'm doing with a "hip" clothing brand...good point, given my geek-style - but I digress. Here are some pictures:

It was not until further inspection (that's a fancy way for saying "opening the box") that I realized - not only was it really spray painted on, the box was actually a FedEx box they turned inside out!

Now that's startup hustle (and, technically, stealing, I think, since they sent it USPS). Either way, it was a bold move, and totally caught my attention.