Friday, December 31, 2010

You know you have a great team when....

You know you have a great team when, on your way our the door, they hit you where it hurts.

And you laugh hysterically at it.

See, yesterday was my last day at a job I've had for twelve years, for a startup we founded that had it's downs (see 2001-2003, Bubble Bursting Bingo) and ups (we grew it to the largest remote patient monitoring company in the world, and sold it to Robert Bosch Healthcare). In otherwords, a long, winding path that evokes significant emotion. Plus, I'm a sap.

I planned on writing about this decision, and transition, today - probably something slightly depressing or at least highly contemplative, fueled by an Indie-Rock Soundtrack straight out of a teen angst movie (1).  Thankfully, my amazing team of people at Health Hero/Robert Bosch Healthcare provided me with unexpected, but very welcome, comic relief.

You may already know I'm the world's second biggest Red Sox fan. This is probably a good opportunity to remind you that all Red Sox fans think they are the world's second biggest fan (Johnny Pesky of course, being in the top slot. And don't give me any of this Jerry Remy crap, either.)  The only thing you need to know about this being a Red Sox fan is that 25% (off season), 50% (in season), and 75% (playoffs or any head-to-head game) of a Red Sox fan's life is dedicated to hating the Yankees.

You'll be able to really enjoy this now, in context - this was even more funny because my car was vandalized earlier this month, so my first reply was "oh crap, not again". Here's what I found yesterday when I started lugging boxes out to my car (a few more after the break as well).

Over the years, I've had a lot of different people work for me, and I've been blessed with great programmers and developers, designers, marketers, nurses, clinicians, accountants, business developers - but more importantly, the best people. Yesterday, they proved it yet again. They made me laugh a bit on a day that could have been sad or depressing, and once again, picked me up.

I hope my future teams are as great as the ones I've had at Health Hero/Robert Bosch Healthcare, because these are top-notch people first, and professionals second. You know who you are - thanks for adding laughter to a tough day. And sadly, I can't fire you anymore. But I'll have my revenge!

Here are some more pics:

My favorite part about this, of course, is 2004 is the first year since 1918 that we finally won a World Series, after the EPIC comeback against the Yankees. My people are really smart, but their MLB history is a little weak.

For what it's worth, I also did that to a Wily Mo Pena card.
I find myself saying this over and over, but once again, Dewey Evans deserves better.

(1) For the record, I'll probably still write that piece. Someone cue up the Ben Harper and William Fitzsimmons!