Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tropicana Field - Where wind goes to die

My Red Sox are in a fight for their playoff lives in Tampa this weekend. While refreshing the box score every 20 seconds to see what's happening (Sidenote: Thank god for live box scores at ESPN and Yahoo! Sports, or I would be actually refreshing every 20 seconds). I noticed this little wonder in the box score:

In related news, there probably is no "real" Bruce Dreckman in this alternative, windless, universe.

Really? -1 MPH for the wind? What does that mean, even? Someone had to actually code the page that way, not to just put zero (since it's an indoor stadium, I understand zero), but -1? 

Is this like when you put hot food in your mouth and start trying to do the "reverse blowing" (aka, sucking) in air somehow believing this to be an effective way of cooling your flaming tongue?

I cannot explain this.